Peristaltic Pump | Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd
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Intelligent Fluid Contro and unparalleled touch screen experience. Suitable for laboratorial and industrial application.

Flow rates:-≤500ml/min

Max. Number of Channels:8



  • Automatic identification of pump head and tubing, simplify the operation process and provide reliable guarantee for high-precision fluid transferring
  • 7 inch color display, full touch screen and intuitive graphic interface, provide easy-to-use operations
  • Customize parameters by programming, and the parameter programs can be stored and easily recalled
  • Multiple function modules and intelligent algorithms are designed for a wide variety of applications, including routine and multi-step complex applications
  • Pump can be controlled through touch screen, foot switch, analog signal and communication commands, combined with a variety of interfaces (USB, RJ11, DB9 etc.) for easy system connection
  • CE certified