pH Meters in Singapore

A pH meter is a specialised instrument designed to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid or substance, expressed as a pH value. A good pH meter is characterised by its accuracy, ease of use, and durability, allowing for consistent and reliable readings across various applications. Whether you’re in a laboratory, educational setting, or industrial environment, having a high-quality pH meter is crucial for precise measurements.

Lee Hung Scientific stands out for offering premium pH meters that meet these stringent criteria. With applications ranging from education and research to clinical and industrial settings, our range of pH meters is tailored to provide reliable, accurate results for different types of companies in Singapore. From simple test strips to handheld devices and advanced instruments with robust display interfaces, we offer a versatile range to meet your specific needs for precision and ease of use.

High-Quality pH Meters in Singapore Tailored to Your Needs

Regular calibration and maintenance are key to ensuring the accuracy of pH meters, instruments that provide essential quantitative data across various fields in Singapore.

At Lee Hung Scientific, we recognise the importance of precise pH measurement, whether for maintaining consistent product quality or evaluating the acidity or alkalinity of substances. That’s why we offer an extensive range of models, allowing you to select the pH meter that best suits your specific needs.

Selection of pH Meters & Other Devices To Meet Your Various Needs

  • pH Tester: Suitable for industries, laboratories, and clinics, and other applications where accuracy is of utmost importance. The Senz pH pro is equipped with ATC for accurate calibrations throughout a series of tests.
  • pH Meter: A portable meter, it can be used in commercial, educational, and other industries. Recorded data can be downloaded onto your PC.
  • Digital pH meter: The DPH-2 can be used to test the acidity/alkalinity of soluble solutions and other liquids in the F&B production control, fermentation, hydroponics, and more.

Fulfil Your Research Needs with Lee Hung Scientific

When it comes to meeting the demands of research and development, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. As your go-to suppliers for scientific equipment, Lee Hung Scientific is committed to offering an extensive array of solutions that cater to your research requirements. Apart from pH meters, we also offer other scientific instruments like water activity meters, texture analysers and viscometers.

Ideal for various research applications, our equipment is engineered to provide both ease of use and accuracy, ensuring that you can focus on your research without worrying about the reliability of your tools.

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