Noise Dosimeter & Sound Level Meter

Sound pollution can have diverse effects on health, productivity, and the overall quality of life in urban areas. Strict adherence to noise standards, such as those set by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore, ensures a harmonious living and working environment for all.

Recognising this, Lee Hung Scientific provides a robust selection of real-time noise monitoring system, sound level meters and noise detectors. Whether you’re safeguarding a workplace or overseeing regulations for a government body, trust our user-friendly yet accurate sound measurement instruments to uphold the highest standards and ensure compliance with NEA’s permissible noise limits.

Lee Hung Scientific’s Sound Level Meters

Lee Hung Scientific proudly presents a versatile array of sound level meters (SLM), ensuring both occupational health and environmental well-being. Beyond just a tool, these meters are a strategic asset, pivotal in averting risks like hearing impairments by ensuring sound management across diverse environments. Each device can be meticulously calibrated to monitor noise from varied sources, standing in line with contemporary regulations.

Noise assessment tools: Noise Dosimeters & Sound Level Meters

Our sound level meters, known as SLMs, serve as the benchmark for occupational noise appraisals and environmental sound assessments. Available in both Class 1 and Class 2 models, they ensure intricate sound level monitoring and exhaustive data analysis. Parallelly, noise dosimeters are user-friendly, designed to be lightweight and rugged.

Not only do they give real-time personal noise exposure readings, but in today’s safety-conscious world, they also integrate into an employee’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) set, furthering risk reduction.

2. Wireless Noise Monitoring Systems

Our wireless noise monitoring system offers real-time insights into both noise and vibrations. Transmitting live data wirelessly, these systems ensure you are kept in the loop no matter where you are. Moreover, instant mobile notifications alert you whenever noise surpasses set threshold limits, ensuring immediate action can be taken.

Your Trusted Sound Level Meter Supplier & Calibration Service Provider 

Environmental variables like temperature and pressure fluctuations can influence microphone sensitivity. Therefore, regular calibration isn’t just best practice — it’s often mandatory, especially in laboratory and professional settings where annual calibration of sound level meters is required.

Lee Hung Scientific is your trusted supplier of scientific equipment, offering dedicated calibration services for sound level meters. Interested in exploring our extensive range of environmental monitoring instruments? Send us an enquiry through our website or connect with us on WhatsApp for immediate assistance.

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