Air Velocity Meters in Singapore

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are pivotal to indoor comfort, regulating temperature, humidity, and air quality in both residential and commercial spaces. These systems don’t just offer comfort; they also contribute to improved health by enhancing indoor air quality. However, the efficacy of an HVAC system goes beyond its design and installation – it also hinges on precise calibration and ongoing performance evaluations.

To that end, the right measurement tools are essential for successful ventilation tests and a well-balanced system. Lee Hung Scientific’s air velocity meter options provide the Singapore market with precise and reliable tools for evaluating airflow. These instruments allow for the effortless execution of continuous airflow tests and the maintenance of minimum ventilation rates, helping to keep your indoor environment healthy and comfortable.

Achieving Precise Direct Air Volume Readings with Air Velocity Meters

Air velocity meters are multi-faceted instruments designed to assess various atmospheric parameters, from wind velocity and air speed to additional factors like temperature, humidity, and pressure. The versatility of these meters largely depends on the type of probe they’re equipped with, allowing for specialised applications such as evaluating airflow in fume hoods or conducting comprehensive ventilation system checks.

With the right air velocity meter, you can capture accurate measurements that are crucial for optimising and maintaining a high-performing HVAC system. Whether you’re focused on general air flow or more specific applications, these devices are essential tools for obtaining reliable, direct air volume readings.

Selection of Air Velocity Meters to Meet Your Needs

  • AccuBalance Air Capture Hoods: An electronic balancing instrument, these hoods come with an ergonomic design, making one-person operations possible. Accurately measuring direct air volumes at diffusers and grilles, industry standards are easily met.
  • VelociCalc Air Velocity meters: Available in a range of models, they generally measure velocity and temperature with specific probe type and data logging features. Models like the 9545 and 9545-A also measure humidity, offering additional calculations on wet bulb and dewpoint temperature.
  • Micromanometers: Lightweight and durable, these instruments measure static, total and velocity pressures. Advanced models like the DP-Calc 8715 supports multiple applications by accommodating optional pitot probes.
  • Mechanical Wind Sensors: Corrosion-resistant in construction, the Wind Monitor can be used for a wide range of wind measuring applications.

Industrial Ventilation Test Instruments by Lee Hung Scientific

Are you seeking to validate your air velocity meters against a primary standard? Lee Hung Scientific is your go-to supplier for scientific equipment, offering our Singapore-based clients calibration checks designed to guarantee the accuracy of your ventilation test instruments. This ensures that you can continue to rely on your equipment for precise and trustworthy readings, essential for maintaining optimal indoor environments.

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