Incubators, Water Baths & Lab Ovens in Singapore

Several types of lab equipment find extensive application in various industries and fields, such as research institutions, and even government agencies. Of these lab ovens, incubators and baths are the standard equipment found in most research, clinical, electronics, and material processing facilities in Singapore. Aimed at providing precise and uniform heating, these equipment are designed with temperature control and other specific constructional features. Understanding the need for precision and the delivery of the highest level of quality, Lee Hung Scientific has partnered with renowned brands to supply lab technicians with exceptional options for lab ovens and more.

Lab Equipment with Uncompromised Functionality

Where processes of heating and warming at steady temperatures are required, lab ovens, incubators and baths are used. Depending on the specific application, selecting the right equipment from a reliable supplier in Singapore is crucial.

1. Lab Ovens

From vacuum to forced air lab ovens, you can find various types of lab ovens in Singapore for different applications. Forced air ovens have a turbo blower-assisted airflow design and heavy-duty motors that offers excellent temperature uniformity and fast temperature recovery. Vacuum ovens feature highly accurate temperature control, and gentle drying—perfect for heat sensitive materials.

2. Incubators

Designed to offer excellent temperature uniformity and a controlled environment, incubators – microbiological, CO₂, refrigerated, or shaking – ideal for growth and storage of microbial cultures, cell cultures and general purposes.

3. Water Baths

Circulating, digital, and shaking water baths feature precise temperature control and oscillation controls for sample thawing, warming reagents, microbiological assays and more. Delivering quality and efficiency, our array of laboratory baths has a durable stainless steel finish and digital read PID temperature controller that ensure the best outcomes.

Quality Laboratory Equipment by Lee Hung

Lee Hung Scientific offers a wide spectrum of laboratory equipment, such as lab ovens, texture analyser, water activity meter and general lab equipment for laboratories and facilities in Singapore and across the region. The quality of our equipment remains unrivalled and ensures that all our clients are on the receiving end of the support and expertise of our skilled and experienced team. Enquire with us and let us help you build smarter and safer laboratories.

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