Indoor Air Quality Meter

The quality of indoor air isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a public health imperative. Often referred to as IAQ, Indoor Air Quality is defined as the condition where the air in a given space contains no known contaminants at harmful levels and where occupants express no dissatisfaction with their environment. That’s where we come in.

At Lee Hung Scientific, we offer a comprehensive range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meters and monitoring equipment. Our devices accurately assess various factors – ranging from temperature and humidity levels to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and airborne particles – to ensure both thermal comfort and a healthful indoor atmosphere.

Indoor Air Quality Meters for a Healthy Environment

At Lee Hung Scientific, we have partnered with industry-leading brands to offer Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meters that blend ease of use with advanced capabilities. These air quality meters provide real-time, pinpoint-accurate data, which is instrumental in diagnosing and resolving any IAQ issues.

Specifically crafted for comprehensive indoor air quality studies, our range includes an array of sensors, detectors, and piezoelectric monitors. Manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards, these Indoor Air Quality meters adhere to pertinent regulations. Utilising in-depth and precise analytical methods, our meters collect data you can rely on, ensuring you can create and maintain a healthy indoor environment with utmost confidence.

Note that in accordance with the latest Singapore Standard Code of practice SS554, high levels of carbon dioxide that are more than 700 ppm over the outdoor levels indicate poor ventilation or overcrowding. In view of the current COVID-19 situation, premises owners should achieve lower levels.

Our Range Of Meters To Meet Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Accurate & Dependable Air Quality Meters from Lee Hung

At Lee Hung Scientific, we pride ourselves on offering a range of Indoor Air Quality meters, designed to bring you unparalleled accuracy and dependability. By continuously and proactively monitoring these factors, our instruments make it easier to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

As your premium supplier of scientific equipment, our comprehensive environmental monitoring equipment line proactively and continuously measures everything from temperature and humidity to drafts, particulates like PM2.5, and key gases such as CO and CO2. By continuously and proactively monitoring these factors, our instruments make it easier to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Take control of your indoor air quality and align it with industry standards by connecting with Lee Hung today.

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