Aerosol and Dust Monitoring Equipment

The distribution of aerosols like dust is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, including wind, convection, and circulation. These aerosols can sometimes pose risks as airborne contaminants, jeopardising both Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and ambient air conditions. Respirable dust particle in particular, whose levels must be kept within permissible exposure limits to ensure the health and safety of those nearby.

Committed to providing effective mitigation solutions, Lee Hung Scientific offers a specialised range of dust monitoring equipment suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Indoor Dust Particulate Monitoring Equipment 

Aerosol monitors, also referred to as dust monitors, can be used for outdoor environmental monitoring, construction sites, dust control operations, indoor air quality investigations, urban pollution studies, or other applications.

At Lee Hung, we offer a range of solutions from handheld to desktop and environmental dust monitoring equipment for area monitoring. The ideal solution for measuring aerosol contaminants, these instruments are designed for harsh outdoor settings. Some key features of our aerosol monitors include:

  •  Accurate and reliable measurement of dust
  • Real-time mass concentration reading and data logging for analysis
  •  User-friendly – easy to programme and operate
  • Availability in various models – desktop, handheld, custom designed permanent installations

 Real-Time Aerosol Monitoring Solutions with Lee Hung’s Dust Monitor

At Lee Hung Scientific we offer a full line of instrumentation and dust monitoring equipment to examine and provide real-time aerosol mass concentration readings for validation of atmospheric correction procedures. As your go-to supplier for scientific equipment, our offerings also extend beyond aerosol monitoring to include a diverse range of environmental monitoring equipment.

Driven to meet market demands for top-notch environmentally hazardous material and particulate assessment, our calibrated instruments ensure indoor and outdoor air quality meet health-based standards.

Achieve continuous compliance in a range of volatile environments and applications with Lee Hung’s selection of aerosol monitoring equipment – enquire with us today.

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