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Scientific Laboratory Instruments

Scientific Laboratory Instruments

For laboratories in specific fields of science and technology, demonstration of compliance to the accepted standards of good laboratory practices and management is a must. In order to do so, a science laboratory must install and utilise high-quality, accredited instruments. At Lee Hung Scientific, we have been supplying scientific equipment and laboratory instruments in Singapore and across the region since 1983. From incubators to general lab equipment, we distribute quality products and devices from trusted brands.

Laboratory Instruments of Outstanding Performance & Reliability

Lee Hung Scientific offers a full range of scientific equipment and consumables that are necessary for achieving scientific goals in a variety of applications such as chemistry, clinical research, and more. Our varied selection of high-performance science equipment will also properly equip your laboratory to facilitate optimal operations. Read on to find out more about our products.

1. Meters & testers

Our wide selection of top scientific equipment such as dewpoint meters, hardness testers and gas meters.

2. Lab ovens, furnaces, incubators & water baths

For fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials and fast high heat decontamination cycles, we have lab ovens, incubators, and water baths designed for laboratory use.

3. Other scientific equipment supplies

Everything else you need to set up a productive laboratory in one place, such as:

Your Trusted Scientific Equipment Supplier

As an established distributor of science laboratory instruments and scientific equipment in Singapore and across the region, we are committed to ensuring our customers are always satisfied with our services and products. All products available on our website have been carefully considered and tested so that our clients are at the receiving end of quality science laboratory instruments and equipment that facilitate optimal research and experimentation. Get in touch with your enquiries.