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pH Meter in Singapore

Generally used for educational, research, clinical and industrial purposes, pH meters and testers are the perfect solutions for measuring the pH of various liquids and substances. If your job or workplace regulations in Singapore require you to regularly test for various pH then you’ll want a system tailored to your purposes that’s easy to use while also maintaining accurate readings. From simple test strip kits to handheld devices to complex instruments with display interfaces, Lee Hung Scientific offers a range of laboratory meters that deliver accurate pH measurement.

High-Quality pH Meters in Singapore Tailored to Your Needs

pH meters must be regularly calibrated and maintained to provide accurate pH measurement. The quantitative information obtained from the pH meter comes in useful in a range of fields in Singapore for a full line of applications. At Lee Hung Scientific, we understand the need to attain pH values for a range of purposes to ensure consistent quality or acidity/alkalinity of a product. Therefore, with a variety of models, you will be able to find the right pH meter at Lee Hung Scientific (Singapore).

Selection of devices to meet your various needs

  • pH Tester: Suitable for industries, laboratories, and clinics, and other applications where accuracy is of utmost importance. The Senz pH pro is equipped with ATC for accurate calibrations throughout a series of tests.
  • pH Meter: A portable meter, it can be used in commercial, educational, and other industries. Recorded data can be downloaded onto your PC.
  • Digital pH meter: The DPH-2 can be used to test the acidity/alkalinity of soluble solutions and other liquids in the F&B production control, fermentation, hydroponics, and more.

Fulfil Your Research Needs with Lee Hung

Meet your research and development needs with our range of sensors, pH meters, and calibration solutions. Get in touch with us for user-friendly and intuitive single or multi-channel instruments for high measurement precision.