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Water Activity & Moisture Meter

Water Activity & Moisture Meter in Singapore

It is a given that water is one of the major components in foods, pharmaceuticals, and other applications. Influencing the appearance, pH, taste, and texture of products, water analysis – water activity (aw) and moisture content – becomes integral in the quality control of moisture-sensitive products and materials. For water activity measurements, water activity meters are a necessity.

Water Activity Measurement & Analysis

At Lee Hung, we offer a diverse range of water quality testers within our product line so that you’ll have everything covered.

Selection of devices to meet your various needs

  • Smart Water Activity Measurement: The AQUALAB 3, connects and manages multiple instruments with one iPad. Capable of handling simultaneous moisture content reading, water activity readings can be attained in 1 minute. 
  • Portable Water Activity Measurement: Lightweight and perfect for on the go spot checks, the PAWKIT produces water activity reading in 5 minutes. 
  • Bench-Top Water Activity Meter: For a direct measure of water activity with unrivalled precision, there are variants such as the 4TE4TEV, and the TDL.  
  • Dewpoint Moisture Analyser: The 4TE DUO come with DUO functionality so you can measure water activity and get moisture content simultaneously from a single sample. 
  • Vapor Sorption Analyser: The VSA measures both DVS and DDI isotherms, which can help you determine shelf life, choose the right packaging, and diagnose and solve problems in your product. 

Quality Industrial Measuring Solutions by Lee Hung

Lee Hung Scientific carries a range of water activity meters that will suit your needs. User-friendly and designed to provide accurate and timely results, our water activity meters help in predicting safety and stability with respect to microbial growth, chemical and biochemical reaction rates, and physical properties. Interested to know more about any of our products? Simply send over an enquiry on our website or via WhatsApp and we will get back to you as soon as possible.