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Vibration Monitoring

Real Time Vibration Monitoring Meters & Tools

Constant testing and monitoring of both vibrations and noise at a facility are required to ensure workplace safety and comply with relevant regulations. Lee Hung Scientific offers you a broad spectrum of tools for vibration monitoring and analysis. Our coordinated tools meet standards and act as control measures to mitigate risks of violating the requirements set by government bodies such as the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore.

Equipment for Accurate Vibration Analysis

Playing an integral role in checking that the vibration from piling operations does not exceed environmental thresholds, Understanding the need to detect, record, and report vibrations from various applications, Lee Hung Scientific carries a range of vibration monitoring systems that deliver accuracy and performance. Some of these include:

1. Pocket Vibration Meter

Compact, lightweight, simple to use, and highly robust, these instruments, like the industrial-grade GA 2002 feature three basic parameters for acceleration, velocity and displacement. Providing fundamental vibration monitoring and measurements in real-time, general-purpose pocket vibration meters are ideal for general machine and bearing vibration monitoring. Available as a complete working system and accompanying accessories, a wide range of applications can be covered, including construction engineering and maintenance operations.

2. Seismograph

Specially designed for construction vibration monitoring needs, portable seismographs like the Mini-Seis IIIā„¢ is built for ruggedness, accuracy and reliability. With an expansive memory storage for over 2000 waveform and histogram records, this seismograph is ideal for all types of commercial blasting, building implosions and a diverse range of applications.

Genuine Vibration Monitoring Solutions

Lee Hung Scientific provides real time vibration monitoring solutions for a wide array of industries. With our full spectrum of vibration monitoring equipment and solutions, real time data acquisition and monitoring, reporting and compliances become accessible and easy. All our instruments are supplied by trusted brands and are calibrated and certified, guaranteeing accurate and reliable measurements. Enquire with us on your vibration monitoring requirements.