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Respirator Fit Testers

Respirator Fit Tests in Singapore

In many workplace environments, employee respiratory protection is part of their PPE. From healthcare professionals to employees of industrial companies, respirators offer protection from respiratory hazards such as chemicals and airborne biohazards. To ensure that the respirators are fitted properly for optimal protection, fit testing per SS548:2009, the Singapore Standard Code of practice for selection, use, and maintenance of respiratory protective devices, must be conducted.

The respirator fit test is done to ascertain the right make, model, size, and style of tight-fitting respirators that ensure a proper facepiece fit. A proper fit will make sure that the respirator is properly sealed to the wearer’s face, providing optimal protection. This is also applicable to disposable respirators.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testers

There are two types of fit tests – qualitative and quantitative. Since the former relies on an individual’s senses, this pass or fail method does not measure amounts of leakage. Therefore, Quantitative respirator Fit Testing (QNFT) is highly recommended to accurately measure actual amounts of leakage into the facepiece. At Lee Hung Scientific, our respirator fit testers are suitable for half-mask and fall-face fit testing – designed to help you and your employees achieve a better fit for either mask more quickly and efficiently. Every worker has to be retested annually to ensure their respirator still fits them. Our PortaCount models are thus not only a convenient choice that increases productivity by measuring real-time fit but also improves safety for your staff with its industry-first features.

Total Mask Testing Solutions by Lee Hung

Lee Hung Scientific aims to provide clients of Singapore, access to the gold standards in respirator fit testing. Providing top-quality equipment that ensures the highest levels of respiratory protection is achieved, Lee Hung helps you comply with regulated standards. Enquire on our total mask testing solutions today.