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Noise Dosimeter & Sound Level Meter

Noise Dosimeter & Sound Level Meter

In Singapore, noise assessment tools such as sound level meters have become integral when attempting to comply with the permissible noise limits set by the National Environment Agency (NEA). To support the continuous monitoring and to facilitate the enforcement and compliance to these regulations, Lee Hung Scientific offers an array of sound level meters and noise detectors to ensure accurate data is obtained to prevent violation of the noise regulations set. Whether you are a safety officer in an institution or government body, we provide you with effective sound measurement instruments that are simple to use without skimping on accuracy.

Essential Sound Level Meters in Singapore

At Lee Hung Scientific, we offer a complete line of SLM to meet your needs. A pivotal tool to leverage to ensure occupational health and environmental safety, these meters mitigate the risk of occupational hazards such as hearing loss. Capable of being calibrated to efficiently measure and manage noise from multiple sources, our sound level meters satisfy most modern regulations.

1. Noise assessment tools: Noise Dosimeters & sound level meters

A sound level meter, dosimeter, and noise indicator captures environment noise and provides vital information to ensure compliance to various government and association standards. Sound level meters, also known as SLM, are ideal for Occupational noise evaluation, environmental noise assessment and etc. Available in Class 1 Precision model and Class 2 General Purpose model, a SLM provide advanced sound level monitoring and comprehensive data analysis.

Noise dosimeters, on the other hand, are rugged, lightweight and designed for exceptional ease of use that provide real-time personal noise exposure reading. A modern technology that is a product of innovative design, noise dosimeters are often part of an employee’s PPE to minimise risk.

2. Real time wireless noise monitoring system

A real time wireless noise and vibrations monitoring system submits live data via a wireless system to anywhere in the world. You’ll also receive instant notification to your mobile phone whenever noise levels exceed the threshold limits.

Your Trusted Sound Level Meter Supplier & Calibration Service Provider

Environmental factors such as temperature and pressure changes can affect the sensitivity of the microphone. As such, calibration before and after measurements is good practice. It is also often mandatory for SLMs in a laboratory and work environment to be calibrated every year or 24-months. Understanding the demand for periodic calibration of sound level meters, we also provide calibration services for our customers – make an enquiry today.