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Air Quality Meter

Air Quality Meter

The indoor air quality of premises is subject to public health importance. Also known as IAQ, indoor air quality, is defined as the quality of air in an occupied space where occupants express no dissatisfaction, and no known contaminants are present in concentrations that pose a significant health risk. This is where Lee Hung Scientific and our full line of indoor air quality meters and monitoring equipment come in, providing IAQ meter that gauge temperature, humidity (percent RH, wet-bulb, dew point), outdoor air calculations, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and airborne particles. These factors are some of the primary components that help measure occupant thermal comfort and assure a healthy indoor environment.

Indoor Air Quality Meters for a Healthy Environment

Lee Hung has partnered with trusted brands that have designed IAQ monitors that can be easily operated despite being accompanied by a full range of advanced capabilities. Providing real-time accurate measurements, data from these instruments can be leveraged to eliminate IAQ problems. Designed and engineered for indoor air quality studies, the varying sensors, detectors, and piezoelectric monitors, are manufactured to meet industry quality standards. Compliant to relevant regulations, our air quality meters collect data through analytical methods that are in-depth and precise.

Our range of monitors to meet your IAQ needs

Accurate & Dependable Air Monitoring Instruments from Lee Hung

At Lee Hung Scientific, we offer a full line of indoor air quality meters that deliver uncompromising accuracy and reliability. With a range of equipment that measure temperature, humidity, draft, particulates (PM2.5) and gases such as CO and CO2, IAQ can be measure continuously and proactively to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Evaluate, regulate, and meet IAQ standards with Lee Hung by connecting with us.