Water Still (Favorit W4L)

Laboratory water distiller

Laboratory water distiller


Product Details


  • Horizontal thick wall heat resistant glass boiler made from ISO 3585 borosilicate glass.
  • Boiler fitted with 3 KW chromium plate heater from England.
  • High efficiency coil condenser made from ISO 3585 borosilicate glass.
  • Coil condenser capable of yielding low temperature, high output quality distillate of conductivity 3 to 4 μs/cm.
  • Compact construction suitable for bench and wall mounting.
  • Screwthread connectors enable easy fitting or removal of hose safely.
  • Built-in constant level device with Vendura-Nova valve for drainage provides easy descaling without dismantling.
  • Safety thermostat built into the heater assembly protects the water still in the event of water supply failure and automatically resets when the water supply is restored.