Upright Freezer

-60 ~ -90℃ Deep Freezer

-60 ~ -90℃ Deep Freezer


Product Details

JABA -60 ~ -90℃


New JABA series of Cryo-Pride is equipped with cutting edge COSCOM (Combination Of Single Compressor Operation Mode) technology by two independent compressor mechanisms.

Combination of VIP(Vacuum Insulation Panel) and insulation by high pressure injection enable maximum insulation as well as lowest energy consumption for keeping your valuable samples with maximum safety. Auto Cascade system with COSCOM technology protects your samples from any risk other than blackout. With low noise and all time monitoring “Blackbox” service, our JABA series shall be successful companion of your comfortable research. 



  • Amazing user experience - CONTROL SYSTEM

The JABA series has developed its own intuitive User Interface design and 7" TFT touchscreen panels. It minimizes user manipulation by converging it with Internet of Things technology. Provides an amazing user experience.

  • No need for searching your samples! - INVENTORY MANAGING SYSTEM

'INVENTORY SYSTEM' with the location and memo function of samples stored in ultra-low temperature refrigerator reduces opening and closing of doors and time for finding samples through intuitive User Interface, thereby minimizing cold air losses.

  • Approximately 43,000 hours of temperature data recording - HISTORY SYSTEM

The current temperature situation of the freezer and a temperature data record of more than 43,000 hours of previous operation can be retrieved from the screen and recorded temperature data can be stored in USB memory.

  • Everything in my hands - MOBILE CONTROL

Monitoring and control by mobile application is available with your computer, Lap top, smart phone or tablet PC.

  • Double power sources  - COSCOM SYSTEM

Two independent cooling mechanisms. One cooling systems maintains -80℃ in case of system failure.

  • Better protection and lower energy consumption! POWERFUL INSULATION

Combination of VIP and PU provides better insulation that enables fast recovery of chamber temperature.

  • For security and safety - DOOR LOCK DEVICE

Fingerprint recognition door locks register the user's card key and unique fingerprint to enhance security. The door explosion prevention unit automatically open and close the door when the pressure inside the freezer increases self-regulating pressure to make the freezer safer?

  • It opens in just one minute, even after the door is closed - NEGATIVE PRESSURE RELEASE DEVICE

A device that automatically enters and releases external air through the negative pressure generated when the door is closed and you want to reopen it. Usually, the time required between 2 and 30 minutes has been drastically reduced to 1 minute. The user no longer has to wait for the pressure to release.

  • Minimizing cold air losses - SLIDING RACK & INNER DOOR

Sliding racks are configured inside for easy loading and storage of samples. High density polyethylene resin (HDPE) inner door blocks the air layer and minimizes cold air losses.