Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

Non-destructively measure material thickness

Non-destructively measure material thickness


Product Details

The PosiTector UTG instruments are handy Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges as Standard or Advanced Models.

Both available with a selection of 2 probe styles, UTG C – Corrosion Probe for measuring the effects of corrosion and erosion on tanks, pipes or other structures which only can be accessed on one side or UTG M – Multiple-Echo Probe to measure, non-destructive, the underlying metal (material) thickness to be measured on objects that are already provided with a coating.


The PosiTector UTG Standard models include:
• Monochrome display
• Storage of 250 readings
• Smart Couple TM
• Screen Capture
• No software required

The PosiTector UTG Advanced models include:
• Hi contrast reversible color LCD
• A-Scan
• B-Scan
• Auto Gain control
• Smart CoupleTM
• Scan mode
• Storage of 100,000 readings
• Store thickness
• Onscreen help
• Data transfer via USB to a PC or via Bluetooth Wireless Technology
• Screen Capture
• Onscreen batch annotation
• No software required