System 100 ? Aluminium


Product Details

Alsident® System 100 AL – airflow between 140 - 400 m3/h

System 100 Aluminium is suitable in non-aggressive working environments where large airvolumes are required and where there are no special requirements for chemical resistance or antistatic abilities such as laboratories, hospitals, chemical-, pharmaceutical- and food industry, universities and engineering industries.

The standard Alsident® System 100 AL extraction arms are available in various types that are complementary to each other with ranges up to 2630 mm. The System 100 AL extraction arms are easily mounted with standard brackets for table, wall or ceiling. In combination with the range of hood designs this makes it possible to choose an extraction arm adapted for each work situation.


Recommended Airflow:

Normal 270 m3/h
Minimum 140 m3/h
Maximum 400 m3/h


Air Temperature:




Pipes Anodized Aluminium (10µ)
Joint Polypropylene (PP) - white
O-ring Polyethylene (PE) - white
Flange Polypropylene (PP) - white
Damper Polypropylene (PP)
Thumbscrew Polypropylene (PP) - black
Threaded Stay Acid-proof stainless steel (AISI 316L)
Sping1) Acid-proof stainless steel (AISI 316L)
Gas spring2) Steel3)
  1) Used for arm types up to 100-6555
  2) Used for arm types 100-9065, 100-10585 and 100-135105
  3) Also available in stainless steel on request



PP Polypropylene
  Shatterproof and chemical resistant
PE Polyethylene
PETG Polyethylene Therephthalat, Glycol-modified
  Transparent and resistant to solvents