Stemrad Radiation Protection Shield


Product Details

The revolutionary StemRad 360 Gamma is the world’s first wearable shield that provides meaningful protection from harmful gamma radiation. The shield’s full compatibility with existing PPE and its optimized design, provide the wearer with the mobility required to perform critical tasks in the event of a nuclear catastrophe.

When exposed to high-levels of gamma radiation, the immediate concern to individuals is that of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), also referred to as radiation sickness. In such cases, damage to the body’s bone marrow leads to fatal aplastic anemia, the hallmark of which is a severe lack of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The pelvic bones contain 50% of the body's active bone marrow. This fact, coupled with the bone marrow's amazing regenerative capability, means that protecting this area of the body is life-saving.

The StemRad 360 Gamma is worn around the pelvic area, affording highly effective protection to the body’s “life factory", while also significantly reducing the likelihood of cancer in sensitive organs such as the stomach, bladder and colon. In situations of exposure to gamma radiation this piece of equipment is a must.



  • 100% fire-resistant; dust-proof; durable
  • Effective against cs-137 and lethal radioisotopes
  • Compatible with PPE used by disaster response professionals
  • Full mobility. Positioned on the body's center of gravity
  • Ergonomic design for optimal support and maximal comfort