Spectrophotometer – Visible & UV-Visible

UVILINE Range Model 9300 and 9600

UVILINE Range Model 9300 and 9600


Product Details

Uviline 9300 and 9600 spectrophotometers combine the newest and the best innovations
Thanks to the new reference beam, the new acquisition system and a powerful software, Uviline spectrophotometer are accurate and user friendly.



• Optimal accuracy with the reference beam: more accurate, less drift, and no need to make a blank measurement everytime you start an analysis
• Acquisition system: 2 times faster than previous technologies
• Better ergonomy with a large color screen
• Special mode: the measurements can be done according to the customizable mathematical formulation, integration of additional variables and measurement conditions
• Improvement of the lamp lifetime: up to 4 years on Uviline 9300 and no need to change the lamp for Uviline 9600
• Guaranteed straylight < 1%


Model 9300 9600
Wavelenghs range 320-1100 nm 190-1100 nm
Light source Halogen Xenon
Spectral bandwidth 4 nm
Incremental WL step • Reading: 0.1 nm
• Setting: 1 nm
Scanning speed Low – medium – fast
> 600 nm/min
Low – medium – fast
> 800 nm/min
Update Via USB port
Interface 1 USB-A, 1 USB-B, Ethernet RJ45
Temperature (°C) • Use: 10°C to 35°C
• Storage: 25°C to 65°C
Dimensions (L x l x h) 404 x197 x 314 mm
Weight (net) 4 Kg