Spectrophotometer – Compact Visible

Model PRIM Light & PRIM Advanced

Model PRIM Light & PRIM Advanced


Product Details

PRIM Light & PRIM Advanced spectrophotometers are combining a high level of performance with an simple and intuitive manipulation. Compacts and light, these new
spectrophotometers are ideal for standard applications in education or in laboratory.

A choice among 4 PRIM units:

  • PRIM Light : Basic internal software including standard spectrophotometric applications in absorbance, transmittance andsingle-standard concentration.
  • PRIM Advanced : Advanced applications for absorbance, transmittance, multi-standards concentration, kinetics, multi-wavelengths and spectrum scanning.
  • For low concentration samples, PRIM Light and PRIM Advanced are also available with 50 mm long cell holder.


• 50 methods memory
• Giant display
• 1 button = 1 function
• Safety - Low power voltage
• Internal calibration filter
• Pre-adjusted halogen lamp
• Compact 



  • Education : Designed for various vocational educations, from senior high school to university level. Resident measuring modes made it easy to teach the Beer-Lambert law : concentration, kinetics, colorimetry or spectrum measurement.
  • Laboratory : Thanks to its wide choice of analytical modes, PRIM spectrophotometers can be used for most routine spectrophotometric laboratory applications.
  • Industry : Its small size and ruggedness makes PRIM an ideal spectrophotometer for industrial surroundings. Employed for Quality Control, it can easily be placed at the delivery point as well as at all stages of the manufacturing chain.
  • Environment : Delivered standard with Absorbance and Concentration measuring modes, the PRIM cell-holder can be replaced with the optional 16 mm-tube holder to run classical COD tests. For weak Absorbance samples, PRIM 50 mm, having a standard 50 mm cell-holder, offers enhanced sensitivity.
  • Clinical Biology : PRIM 500, a special version equipped with auto-aspiration system, micro flow-cell, thermocontrolled cell-holder (37°C) is suitable for biochemical assays. (Separate brochure available upon request.)





Spectral range 330-900 nm
Bandwidth 10 nm
Accuracy +/- 1.5 %
Display Alphanumeric LCD back-lit
2 lines height 8 mm 16 characters
Light sources Halogen
Detector Silicon diode
Interface Serial RS232C
Cell holder 1 cuvette 10 mmv
Dimensions 180 x 280 x 220 mm
Weight 2.5 kg



PRIM Light Advanced
Absorbance YES YES
% Transmission YES YES
Concentration With factor YES YES
Concentration With 1 standard YES YES
Concentration With 1 to 8 standards NO YES
Kinetics NO YES
Multi-wavelengths NO YES
Spectrum scanning NO YES
Peaks and valleys detection NO YES
Multi-language YES YES
Automatic stand-by YES YES