SAM 945 – Radioisotope Identication Device (RIID)


Product Details

­The latest identifier from Berkeley Nucleonics offers the convenience and familiarity of smartphone /PDA technology with powerful identification and analysis algorithms. Th­e handheld Model 945 gives users real-time updates on isotope ID, isotope class, dose rates and count rates. Th­e useful library options allows users an application-specific experience (Medical, ANSI, SNM, NORM, User-Customized, etc…) ­and the library is expandable to 497 isotopes.




• Handheld ANSI Standards N42.42 & N42.43 Compliant Isotope Identifier with SmartPhone

• Identify Multiple Nuclear Isotopes < 1 Second

• Optional 3He Neutron Detector (for SNM)

• Auto-Calibration and Stabilization

• Photo-Tagging with N.42 Data Networking

• Industry’s Largest Library (497 Isotope Options)




• Emergency Response

• Law Enforcement / HAZMAT

• Homeland Security

• Medical / Industrial

• Passenger and Freight Monitoring

• Non-proliferation Enforcement

• Health Physics / Radiation Safety

• Environmental Waste Monitoring

• Unattended/Remote Monitoring