Radiation Dosimeter


Product Details


The palmRAD 1621M is able to detect and measure gamma radiation with user-selectable alarms, which makes this device ideal for volume deployment into most industrial, medical or emergency applications. Easy to use interface, outfitted with belt clip, allows data transfer to PC, sensitivity and durability under harsh environmental conditions makes the 1621M a robust and essential tool in the most demanding emergency response situations.



  • Detector                                                                                                          Geiger-Muller tube
  • Dose Equivalent Rate Measurement Range (DER) Hp(10)                10 µR/hr – 100 R/hr

                                                                                                                                (0.1 µSv/hr – 1 µSv/hr)

  • Energy Range                                                                                                10 keV – 20 MeV
  • Power Supply                                                                                                 One AA alkaline battery
  • Dimensions                                                                                                     87 x 72 x 35mm
  • Weight (with battery)                                                                                      Not more than 150g