PRO400DS Digital Benchtop Homogenizer

High watt motor and advanced technology in digital speed controls

High watt motor and advanced technology in digital speed controls


Product Details

The PRO400DS Digital Benchtop Homogenizer Unit is a perfect balance of power and superior performance. Combing a high watt motor and advanced technology in digital speed controls has resulted in the most reliable and durable laboratory benchtop homogenizer unit. Between its 3 Turn Speed Knob ability to adjust RPM in the hundreds opposed to thousands and brighter LED display provides a more user-friendly control. Additional feature such as the Dual-Power Light Indicator for simpler error/problem identification and the PRO TRAC stand, which is a motorized stand developed by PRO Scientific for effortless, accurate, and smooth motor position, forms the most advanced digital benchtop homogenizer on the market. Provides a total of 14.5 inches of length for a container.

With a sample volume range capability from microliters to large vessels, it demonstrates enormous processing versatility, which is designed to homogenize, emulsify, blend, and/or mix organic and inorganic materials. The entire line of probes can be mounted to this unit, it can process samples from 0.05ml to 30L*. Requires a generator probe to use (sold separately)

Please Note: Viscous samples will reduce max capacity.  Adding a Deflector Head to your Generator Probe will facilitate movement of your sample during homogenization and help increase max volume homogenization.

*Higher volumes dependent on viscosity.



  • Compact digital benchtop homogenizer unit
  • Powerful 1305 high watt motor
  • Bright LED display & user-friendly controls
  • Homogenize, emulsify, blend, and/or mix
  • Large processing range, 0.05ml to 30L*
  • Motorized PRO TRAC stand
  • Generator probe not included