Powder Flow Analyser

Measuring the flow characteristics of powders

Measuring the flow characteristics of powders


Product Details

Stable Micro Systems use the test frame and vertical drive system provided by a universal Texture Analyser, and add the rotational drive and software functionality to form the Powder Flow Analyser – an accurate and reliable method of measuring the flow characteristics of powders.

The Powder Flow Analyser can be purchased as a completely new working system, or you can take your existing Texture Analyser and attach the Powder Flow Analyser unit to extend your range of testing solutions from powders to end products.


Quantify Powder Flow Measurements for 

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Industrial


The Powder Flow Analyser Offers

  • Application with many types of powder capable of flow, not just free flowing powders
  • Rapid, automated, tests and analysis routines for Go - No Go quality control applications
  • Sample pre-conditioning at the start of the test, giving independence from variable sample loading
  • Exact repetition of test sequence best suited to your need, time after time
  • User programmable test cause flow in the sample by slicing, shearing, compressing, compacting, mixing and lifting in any combination and in any sequence 
  • Flow behaviour measurements that define the sample's behaviour during the programmed test
  • Objective, numeric, real-time display and automated analysis of the flow measurements, to uniqely chraacterise and rank the sample


Typical Measurements

  • Powder Flow Analysis
  • Assessment of Powder Cohesion
  • Assessment of Powder Caking Potential
  • Measurement of Powder Speed Flow Dependence
  • Powder Compaction
  • Granule Compaction to assess Compressibility / Friability
  • Single Particle Mechanical Strength


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