Portable Gas Analyser & Emissions Monitor (KM9106)


Product Details


The KM9106 Quintox has established itself as the most cost effective and versatile portable analyser.


From its most basic form as a boiler tuning analyser it provides a versatile and cost effective platform that allows enhancements up to a fully portable semi-continuous emissions monitoring system.





  • Measures: Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Flue Temp, Ambient Temp, Inlet Temp (Optional probe)
  • Calculates: Efficiency (nett & gross), Nett Temperature, Date & Time, Excess Air, Lambda, Losses, CO/ CO₂ ratio, Poison Index, Oxygen Sensor Life, Battery Life, Carbon Dioxide
  • Hydrogen compensated CO sensor with internal filtering that operates to 10.000 ppm
  • Automatic cross sensitivity compensation between toxic gas sensors
  • Powerful extraction pump that produces 500 mBar of suction
  • Pump on/off control via handset
  • Stores 1926 boiler tests within the handset
  • Integral plain paper printer for immediate record keeping
  • User defined printouts for customised reports
  • Timed print and/ or data store facility for automatic record keeping