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Portable Air Microbiological Samplers SAS SUPER 100


The “yellow SAS (Surface Air System)” is considered the international standard for portable air microbiological samplers. t has helped microbiologists in the pharmaceutical and food industry, hospital sector and indoor air quality fields. Experience has also been gained from space exploration as the SAS (Surface Air System) was used on board the International Space station.

• To use a simple plate for air and surface sampling
• To have the additional flexibility of choice, either Contact plates or Petri dishes
• To apply cGLP and cGMP to air sampling operations
• To establish data on the microbial level in selected environments
• To organise sequential sampling to obtain a more representative air sample under actual operating conditions

The “SAS – ISO” has the following new features:
• Performance in compliance with ISO 14698-1
• Large LCD with illuminated touch panel
• All operator commands via touch keypad for easier cleaning
• Over 70.000 litres of air / 8 hours autonomy
• Infrared transfer of sampling data to PC or printer
• Up to 300 sampling cycles memorised
• USP chapter < 1116 > and 21-CFR 11 Compliance
• Sampling rate accurately maintained by speed sensor-incorrect aspiration aborts cycle
• Design avoids turbulence in unidirectional air flow and re-aspiration of tested air in accordance with ISO specifications
• Total traceability
• Bi-directional port to input and output data to a central unit from 1 to 24 samplers
• Calibration system by finger-tip control without opening the instrument
• Automatic calibration reminder
• Easy calibration monitoring with additional anemometer system
• Sampler can be operated whilst attached to mains

Established «yellow SAS (Surface Air System)» features and performances are maintained:
• Possibility to use 55 mm or 84 mm Contact plates (RODAC) and standard disposable 90 mm Petri dishes
• Interval sampling with fully programmable parameters for “in operation” monitoring
• Delay Start of up to 60 minutes
• Infrared remote control (optional extra)
• Certified aspirating head in aluminium or stainless steel
• Multiple language choice
• Reduced sampling time (six or ten minutes for 1000 litres of air)
• Suitability in isolator