Plant Canopy Imager (CI-110)

Estimation of LAI and measuring PAR levels

Estimation of LAI and measuring PAR levels


Product Details

The NEW Plant Canopy Imager CI-110 captures wide-angle canopy images while estimating Leaf Area Index (LAI) and measuring Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) levels. Images live-update on the built-in capacitive monitor, providing instant data for verification and analysis with integrated software in the field under any daylight conditions. User-selected zenith and azimuthal divisions allow investigation of any canopy sectors desired, and the instrument’s light-weight design makes it convenient for canopy imaging in any location.

Now with updated GPS accuracy with access to four different satellite constellations, and the ability to interchange lens filters over the camera for more specific measurements.



  • Single measurement for comprehensive data collection and instantaneous, in-field calculation with integrated software
  • No above-canopy reference measurement required
  • Calculated LAI of low lying plant canopies up to forest canopy
  • Adjustable camera lens focus for varying canopy heights, down to 30 cm
  • 150° viewing angle with live-updating high-resolution fish-eye digital image
  • On-site evaluation of solar beam transmission coefficients or gap fractions for LAI analysis
  • Calculation of diffuse radiation transmission coefficients (the sky view factor), mean foliage inclination angles, and plant canopy extinction coefficients
  • Fully integrated ceptometer with 24 photodiodes to measure Sunflecks in the range of Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  • User-selected number of zenith  and azimuthal divisions allows investigation of any canopy  sectors desired
  • Digital masking of unwanted elements in image
  • Digital color filters allow user to further distinguish between sky and plant
  • Internal compass and GPS enable repeated measurements in the same location over the growing season


Lens Equidistant wide-angle lens
Image Resolution 8g image size, 282,600 pixels
Interface 7″ capacitive touch screen, 6 button keypad, trigger-release capture
Measuring Time 0.5 second
Fish-eye Lens Angle 150°
Operating Temperature 5 to 50° C
Arm Length 440 mm
Battery Capacity Approximately 6+ hours


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