Planar Grinding (FORCIPLAN 102)

Planar grinding of large size irregular shaped specimens

Planar grinding of large size irregular shaped specimens


Product Details


  • For initial planar grinding of large size irregular shaped specimens  or mounted specimens in specimen holders up to 220 mm diameter,
  • Reduces total preparation time and saves consumables,
  • Fully automatic operation,  
  • Siemens PLC control unit,
  • Programmable with coloured 7" HMI touch screen control,
  • Robust construction, safe operation in closed housing, 
  • Easy handling with sliding door,
  • Maximum safety provided with interlocking switch,  
  • Large working space with powerful LED illumination,
  • High torque 4 kW grinding motor,  
  • 500-2000 rpm variable speed for grinding stone to obtain optimum surfaces  on different materials,
  • Powerful 350 Watt DC head motor,
  • 50-200 rpm variable  specimen holder speed with clockwise and counter clockwise rotation direction,
  • Controlled material removal with digital setting of grinding depth up to 5 mm,  
  • High precision automatic dressing unit with diamond tip,  with adjustable depth and time period for dressing,  
  • Automatically informs operator when grinding stone needs to be replaced,
  • Sample cooling available with cooling fluid,
  • Ready for operation,
  • Without specimen holders,
  • Without cooling tank,
  • 400V, 3-phase, 50Hz