Ozone Monitor (Model 202)


Product Details


Model 202 Ozone Monitor™ is designed to enable accurate and precise measurements of ozone ranging from low ppb (precision of ~1 ppb) up to 100,000 ppb (0-100 ppm) based on the well established technique of absorption of UV light at 254 nm.  The Model 202 Ozone Monitor™ is light weight (4.7 lb., 2.1 kg.) and has a low power consumption (12V DC, 0.33 amp, 4.0 Watt) relative to conventional instruments and is therefore well suited for applications such as:


  • Environmental health and safety monitoring
  • Urban arrays of ground-based detectors
  • Vertical profiling using balloons, kites, RPVs and light aircraft where space and weight are highly limited
  • Long-term monitoring at remote locations where power is highly limited
  • Personal exposure monitoring for studies of health effects of air pollutants
  • Laboratory studies of the effects of ozone exposure on materials and organisms


The Model 202 has been designated by the EPA as a Federal Equivalent Method (FEM): EQOA-0410-190