Multi Gas Emissions Analyzer (KANE900 Plus)


Product Details




  • Big character display

  • IR printer, printer header can be customized

  • Large memory to store results for easy transfer to PC

  • Long life battery recharged in situ

  • Measures

  • Oxygen to 21%

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) to 10,000 ppm with hydrogen compensated sensor

                   (alternatively CO to 100,000 ppm with high range sensor)

  • Nitric Oxide (NO) to 5000 ppm with calculated NOx

                   (alternatively NO to 100ppm with better low range accuracy)

  • (Alternatively any toxic sensor can be replaced with a 1000 ppm Nitrogen Oxide [NO₂] sensor)

  • Inlet temperature

  • Flue gas temperature

  • Differential Pressure



Optional Accessories


  • High range CO sensor instead of standard CO sensor

  • Low range NO sensor in place of standard NO sensor

  • NO₂ sensor in place of any other toxic gas sensor

  • SO₂ sensor in place of any other toxic gas sensor

  • KMIRP infra-red thermal paper printer

  • KANE ImPrint infra-red plain paper printer