KANE457 Flue Gas Analyser

Measures CO, CO2, Differential Temperature, Differential Pressure

Measures CO, CO2, Differential Temperature, Differential Pressure


Product Details

Flue Gas & IAQ Analyser with direct CO & CO2 measurement with CO sensor protection

•    UK's only FGA approved to EN50379 & EN50543

•    Ideal for CMDDA1 investigations

•    Room air quality measurement - Ideal for commercial catering kitchens

•    Optional NO / NOx measurement

•    Wireless module included

•    Hydrogen (H2) ready – up to 20% blend



•    Install, commission & service domestic oil & gas appliances

•    Check Commercial Catering equipment operates safely

•    Safety checks- CO & CO2  in rooms or around appliances

•    Combustion performance checks

•    Combustion efficiency checks

•    Ideal for CP42 Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Certificates

•    Flue Draught tests

•    More effective CMDDA1 testing

•    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measuring CO2  ambient levels



•    O2 

•    Combustion efficiency

•    Excess air 

•    NOx (option)

•    CO/CO2  ratio



•    CO2  direct with an Infrared sensor 0-20%

•    CO2  ppm 0-10,000ppm

•    CO 0-2,000ppm

•    NO 0-600ppm (option)

•    Differential temperature

•    High accuracy differential pressure meter +/-80mbar



•    Rotary switch for ease of use

•    Records & logs tests including: room CO with variable sampling time up to 30 minutes sweep test, migration test, Type C sealed appliance, Type B boiler open flue, Type A cooker, water heater & space heater

•    Logs & prints reports with user details to optional printer


Fuel Types

•    Natural Gas

•    35 sec oil

•    LPG

•    28 sec oil  

•    Propane 

•    Butane

•    Wood pellets