Industrial Downdraft Bench


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The Model 440 Industrial Downdraft Bench & Table is an effective source-capture solution for the extraction of fume, dust, and smoke at the work surface level. This safety engineering control helps to protect the operator’s breathing zone and surrounding environment from hazardous airborne contaminants. Equipped with a powerful industrial air cleaner and high-quality HEPA filtration media with up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and the air cleaner provides up to 700 CFM of air volume. 



Solvent vapor control, solder fumes, light grinding, epoxy fume control, sanding, buffing, brazing, welding, powder control, and a variety of other industrial applications.

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(48"W x 30"D x 35"H Featured)
Work Area:
Stainless Steel ¼" Perforated Work Area
30” W x 22” D x 16g, 51% Open Space
Plenum Box:
6" or 10" Round Outlet
Bench Material:
304 Stainless Steel Surface
Chrome-plated foot bar
Cabinet Dimensions:
22.5" D x 20" W x 19.5" H
Approx. 150 lbs.
Cabinet Material:
16 ga. carbon steel
Fractional Horsepower
Available Filter 
HEPA Filter - Up to 99.97% efficient on particles down to 0.3 microns in size. 
ASHRAE Filter - Up to 95% efficient on particles down to 0.5 microns in size. 
ULPA Filter - Up to 99.9995% efficient on particles down to 0.12 microns in size. 
Activated Carbon & Specialty-Blended Filters - Efficiency varies per chemical.
Air Volume:
Variable Speed Control Standard on 115
700 CFM High, Down to 50 CFM Low
On/Off Toggle Switch Standard on 220
115/1/60, 2.5 amps
220/1/50, 1.5 amps
Sound Level:
Approx. 60 dba @ 3'


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