GA 2002 Vibration Meter

General-purpose pocket vibration meter

General-purpose pocket vibration meter


Product Details

GA 2002 General Purpose Pocket Vibration Meter offering simple, reliable and accurate results for many types of vibration measurement plus instant Data-logging.


Reliable, repeatable and simple are three important criteria most people have when looking at taking vibration measurements. The GA 2002 offers this on a plate and at a price unbeatable foe what you get. This instrument will give you all the fundamental vibration measurements in amny of their variations using single key strokes. This makes it perfect for general machine and bearing vibration monitoring as well as other general-purpose vibration monitoring as well as other general-purpose vibration measurements.




The uses for this instrument are far-reaching and widespread.  One prime example would be a maintenance operator verifying results from a fixed monitoring system or taking measurements for maintenance prediction. Another example is a construction engineer checking that the vibration from a piling operation is not exceeding any environmental thresholds.




  • Small and light weight
  • Simple to use
  • Highly robust
  • Tactile Keypad
  • 8 character LCD display
  • Simple data-logging of 9 data-points
  • Comes complete with accelerometer, cable, spike probe and case
  • Multiple filters - mechanical and linear
  • Multiple integration modes - acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Multiple measurements - RMS, Max RMS and Peak




  • Accelerometer                                                               Piezo-electric (10pc/g)
  • Acceleration Range                                                      0.1 to 1000 ms-2 (0.01 to 100g)
  • Velocity Range                                                               0.1 to 1000 ms-1
  • Displacement                                                                1 to 1000µm (Above in RMS or Peak and in 2 ranges)
  • Mechanical Filter Frequency                                       10 Hz - 1KHz
  • Linear Filter Frequency                                                10 Hz - 10KHz  
  • Memory                                                                            non-volatile E2PROM memory which holds

                                                                                                 calibration data plus storage of 9 spot results

  • Keypad                                                                             9 Key Tactile Keypad
  • Standards                                                                        BS6842 Compliance with EMC CE marking
  • Display                                                                             8 Character LCD Display
  • Parameters                                                                     Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
  • Filters                                                                               Mechanical & Linear
  • Detectors                                                                         RMS and Peak
  • Displays                                                                           rms, Lmax, Lpeak                                   
  • Weight                                                                              250g with batteries
  • Size                                                                                  135 x 62 x 30mm
  • Batteries                                                                          1 x IEC No 6LR61

                                                                                                 (Upto 40 hrs life with Duracel MN1604)