Freeze Dryer

Efficient and fast freeze drying

Efficient and fast freeze drying


Product Details

ILSHIN BIOBASE has developed Table Top Freeze Dryer by combination of ultra low temperature freezing technology and vacuum drying technology since 1988. ILSHIN BIOBASE freeze dryers suit for the various requirements of customers by modular combination of each functionality and flexibility, so customer can accomplish prompt and easy freeze drying research and development.



  • Fast & Easy Defrosting system

Condensed ice must be removed within 30 minutes for continuous operation and for preventing contamination. Condenser foams round type ice at below -80℃, easy to remove from condenser chamber even under process of defrosting so next operation is promptly ready. PTFE coating is standard feature for protection from contamination or corrosion by acid or chemical substance.

  • More convenient Remote Access & Observation Window

Connectable with PC by serial port. Available for monitoring temperature, vacuum level and operation status. Cloudiness of vacuum oil can be observed through the window for timely maintenance and for long term use.

  • Easy control Micro processor LED control system

LED display provides condenser temperature and vacuum level. Switches for Power On-Off, Selection of Automatic-Manual, Condenser cooling, Vacuum pump, Purge, Pre-freezing and concentration. 

  • All in one freeze-drying Multi drying chamber

Freeze Drying is executed under various environments and observation for the process is necessary. New Multi Drying Chamber can be applied with various containers such as “Serum bottle, ampoule, complete flask, Petri dish and/or bulk tray”. Therefore various applications are possible and loading/unloading is convenient. It is easy to observe drying process and addition of freeze drying in the process is possible.