Fish Freshness Meter (Torrymeter)

Measuring fish freshness non-destructively

Measuring fish freshness non-destructively


Product Details

Fish is generally stored and transported in ice, and, under these conditions species from artic or temperate waters will reach the unfit state within about two weeks. Tropical fish can be held somewhat longer. Spoilage is much faster if the fish is not held at chill temperatures. It is therefore important for anyone concerned with quality of fish to be able to measure its freshness i.e. the amount of deterioration that has occurred since it was caught.

Thus, a requirement for a rapid and objective method for measuring fish freshness in a wide range of conditions. The method should be capable of being carried out by untrained persons and should be non-destructive in use. Preferably it should also be capable of grading batches, with the minimum of computation and record keeping.

The Distell Fish Freshness Meter, or Torrymeter, has been developed to meet these requirements.

This latest model of the Fish Freshness Meteris compact, robust, fully portable and suitable for any normal application within fish processing industry markets, processing factories or quality control laboratories. It provides rapid measurements and is simple to use. The freshness of the fish is indicated on the LCD display.

The meter can be set to measure from 1 – 16 fish. The menu driven software can sum the readings of sixteen fish samples and then display their average value. The meter is most accurate in this mode.

Generally the measurements can be taken without disturbing the fish in their containers, and the testing does not damage or mark the samples in any way.


Instrument Operating Temperature Range Max – 25° to + 45°C
Fish Temperature Range 0° to 20°C (Allowable)
0° to 10°C (Recommended for best results)
Power Source Self contained rechargeable cells, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh)
Dimensions Overall length – 155 mm
Overall width (max) – 80 mm
Overall depth (max) – 30 mm
Weight 400 gm
Meter Enclosure Made from ABS plastic, waterproofed to IP65 (BS 5490, 1977).
Sensor Enclosure Acetal plastic, Carbon & Steel electrodes


Charger / power supply module

Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 12V DC
Charging Current 150-300 mA
Mains Supply Connections 3-pin plug or other suitable terminals for country of use.


Colour coding:
Brown wire: Live
Blue wire: Neutral
Yellow/Green: Earth

Dimensions Overall length: 90 mm
Overall width: 45 mm
Overall depth: 60 mm incl fitted plug
Weight 200 gm


Carry case

Carry case Made from: Aluminium body, Steel fittings, plastazote foam