Wideband EMF meter ranging from 0 Hz to 90 GHz

Wideband EMF meter ranging from 0 Hz to 90 GHz



Electric and magnetic fields Measurement control and result display for the following probes and analyzers.

Frequency range and level range depending on the probe/analyzer.

Broadband probes 100 kHz to 90 GHz (see list of digital broadband probes)
Selective probes 1 Hz to 400 kHz, B-field (see list of digital selective probes)
Probe model EHP-50F/G 1 Hz to 400 kHz, E-field and B-field (FFT-Analyzer, see separate datasheet)
Probe model HP-01 0 Hz to 1 kHz, B-field (Magnetometer/ FFT-Analyzer, see separate datasheet)
Electric field units V/m, mW/cm2, W/m2, % of standard (depending on the connected probe)
Magnetic field units A/m, Tesla, Gauss, mW/cm2, W/m2, % of standard (depending on the connected probe)
Temperature Logging of the ambient temperature at the time of measurement (-40 °C to +85 °C) in °C or °F
Humidity Logging of the ambient relative humidity at the time of measurement (0% to 100% RH)


Display type Sunlight readable 5” color TFT-LCD anti-glare display (HD 1280 x 720 pixels)
Brightness Manual control or automatic control via brightness sensor


Operating Modes
Mode description Field Strength Broadband field measurements. Numerical results with time curve or bar graph display.
Spatial Average Procedure for spatial averaging of broadband measurements over several measurement positions
Timer Logging Time-controlled broadband measurement of the field strength in a definable period.
Spectrum FFT analysis with spectrum display, marker evaluation and display of the broadband level.
Shaped Time Domain Time domain assessment (WPM, WRM) with digital filtering related to a selected safety limit.
Scope Triggered measurement of the field curve over time with pretrigger feature


General Specifications
Power supply Internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, included and replaceable
External USB-C PD (maximum 12 V / 3A, compatible with BC1.2 and QC 3.0)
Operating time (nom.) 16 hours (with broadband probes and analyzers)
Charging time (nom.) 4 hours (80% charged in 2½ h)
Dimension (H x W x D) 51 mm x 93 mm x 312 mm without probe
Weight 695 g (without probe)
Country of origin Germany


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This light, easy to use instrument can be operated with various probes to provide reliable, omnidirectional measurements from 0 Hz (DC) up to 90 GHz.

  • Non-directional measurement using isotropic probes for applications in the frequency range 0 Hz (DC) to 90 GHz
  • Large sunlight readable color display 5” diagonal with 1280x720 HD resolution
  • Digital probe interface for broadband and selective probes - no more meter calibration
  • Powerful time and frequency domain analysis for low frequency fields up to 400 kHz including Weighted Peak measurements
  • WiFi/Bluetooth interface for remote operation via smartphone app (Optional)
  • Built-in GPS receiver and rangefinder for easy location determination (Optional)
  • Fast data transmission (optical interface/ Ethernet/ USB)



FieldMan is used particularly in workplace environments where high electric or magnetic field strengths are likely to occur. Such as:

  • Radiocommunication base stations (e.g. IEC / EN 62232)
  • Broadcasting systems (e.g. IEC 62577)
  • Radar and satellite communications systems
  • Induction heating and melting (e.g. EN 50519)
  • Household appliances (e.g. IEC / EN 62233)
  • Electric welding equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 62822)
  • Railroad operations (e.g. EN 50500)
  • Automotive operations (e.g. IEC 62764)
  • Energy supply systems (e.g. IEC / EN 62110)
  • Electrical medical devices (e.g. IEC / EN 60601)
  • TEM cells and absorber chambers to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)