Electronic Test Sieve Shaker

Particle analysis machine with digital controls

Particle analysis machine with digital controls


Product Details

RO-TAP® RX-29-E and RO-TAP® RX-30-E Models

The RO-TAP® Electronic Test Sieve Shaker operates with 8” or 12" diameter Test Sieves and offers precise sieving results. The compact, RO-TAP RX-29-E (8" Test Sieves) unit requires minimal space on a laboratory countertop. The RO-TAP RX-30-E (12" Test Sieves) model is a floor unit. Controls can be remotely mounted for convenient operation. The units are designed for light to medium testing applications.



  • Controlled Constant Amplitude Heavy-duty use
  • Digital Controls
  • Quick Release Hold Downs
  • Fine and Coarse Analysis Control Settings