Electronic Densimeter

Easy density measurement of solid, liquid and powder sample

Easy density measurement of solid, liquid and powder sample


Product Details

Easy density measurement of not only solid, and liquid sample density, but also new function of powder density measurement added with resolution of 0.001g/㎤ and reference value of 0.0001g/㎤. New designed Sensor and Auto-weighing function improve accuracy and working efficiency.


Solid Mode

  • Higher accuracy with resolution of 0.001g/㎤, and reference value of 0.0001g/㎤ can be displayed
  • No need to open and close the lid with new designed Sensor. Smaller size lid brings less error value, and less operation time
  • Improves working efficiency and repeatability with Auto-weighing function.(Semiautomatic measurement)
  • New function of powder density substituted measurement
  • Floating objects and pellets can be measured easily
  • Density variation of absorbent sample can be measured
  • Selectable measuring time from 5 kinds


Liquid Mode ※Optional kit required

  • Density resolution 0.001g/㎤ and reference value 0.0001g/㎤
  • Liquid density temperature compensation by setting liquid coefficient value depending on temperature
  • Selectable measuring time