Delphi-X Observer polarization

For advanced materials science applications

For advanced materials science applications


Product Details

The ergonomic design and outstanding state-of-the-art objectives make the Delphi-X Observer the ideal microscope for advanced materials application. The 25 mm field of view of the eyepieces and the plan apochromatic objectives enable observations with perfect color rendering at high resolving power.



  • Brightfield and polarization
  • 360° rotatable analyzer and polarizer
  • Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation
  • Enhanced infinity corrected EIS optical system
  • High contrast objectives with minimal aberrations
  • Semi-apo strain free plan EIS or plan objectives
  • Super wide field SWF 10x/25mm eyepieces
  • 100 W halogen illumination
  • Quintuple nosepiece