Chest Freezer

-10 ~ -120℃ Deep Freezer

-10 ~ -120℃ Deep Freezer


Product Details

GUDERO CHEST -10 ~ -120℃


Gudero Chest Series is optimal for long term storage of large size samples at the range of -90℃~ -120℃.

-10℃~ -120℃ Gudero Chest lineup is with reliable cascade refrigeration technology. With accumulated know-how, micro process control system provides easy and hassle free long term bio-depository solution. 



  • Various functions - CONTROL SYSTEM

‘GUDERO CHEST’ micro-process control system can perform all operations with just three buttons, and a variety of functions make it easier and faster for the user to operate the system.

  • Double power sources - INDEPENDENT COOLING SYSTEM

Two independent cooling mechanisms. One cooling systems maintains -80℃ in case of system failure.

  • Better protection and lower energy consumption! - POWERFUL INSULATION

Combination of VIP and PU provides better insulation that enables fast recovery of chamber temperature.​

  • Easily store and minimize cold loss - CHEST TOWER RACK & INNER DOOR

A dedicated rack optimised for the 'CHEST TYPE' makes it easy to load and store samples, while a light polyethylene-based inner door facilitates sample transport and minimizes the leakage of cold air from the inside of the freezer.

  • For a pleasant and convenient research environment - LOW NOISE STRUCTURAL DESIGN & COMMUNICATION PORT

Designed with a stable cooling structure, the home refrigerator-level low noise (55.1 dB(A)) creates a pleasant research environment that cannot be compared to other products. RS-232 and 485 communication functions allow PC monitoring of the temperature inside the freezer through the service port.​