Bresle Patch

Test for surface contaminants, such as salts

Test for surface contaminants, such as salts


Product Details

The TQC Sheen Bresle patch conform ISO 8502-6 is a round self-adhesive plastic patch with a medical grade membrane and a known surface area. Due to the round shape it is stronger, whilst at the same time the patch has a clean removal, negligible patch contamination, no breaking foam and is silicon free. Each patch is certified and traceable. This unique Bresle patch is tested by global coating industry leaders.

Bresle Method

Bresle patches are used to test for surface contaminants, such as salts. The patch is described in ISO 8502-6 and -9, also known as the Bresle Method. This Bresle method is commonly used to measure the level of surface salts prior to coating.

Prevent maintenance costs

A too high level of salts may cause coating failures like blistering and corrosion. This might cause major problems and increase maintenance costs for shipping, vessels, ballast tanks, oil and gas piping, industry buildings and steel structures in general. That’s why measuring the level of salts prior to coating is essential.



  • Meets ISO 8502-6 Specifications

Just like the former TQC Sheen patches the test area  and other specifications meet ISO 8502-6.

  • Easily Removable

A special tab eases the removal of the patch.

  • Clean Removal

The adhesive is silicon-free and leaves no residue. No power tooling required to clean test area afterwards.

  • Strong

The combination of the round shape, the medical membrane and the non-breaking foam results in an extremely strong patch.

  • Certified and Traceable

Traceable certificate stating the background contamination is included.

  • Negligible Patch Contamination

The patch contributes almost nothing to the measurement, keeping the reading perfectly repeatable.