Benchtop pH Meter

0 to 14 pH. Professional benchtop pH meter

0 to 14 pH. Professional benchtop pH meter


Product Details

Professional Benchtop pH meter BP3001



  • Large LCD with Multiple Display

Display of pH, temperature and time simultaneously

  • Hold Display function

Displays Ready when a stable reading is established. Hold button to freeze display where needed

  • Multi point calibration

Automatic buffer recognition with built in standards:
ISO - pH1.68, 7.00, 4.01, 10.01, 12.45
NIST - pH1,68, 6.68, 4.01, 9.18. 12,45
Custom - Manual set to any buffer standard up to 5 points calibration

  • Review of Electrode Status

Able to display electrode condtions on offset values and slope percentage. This feature allows user to check if the electrode should be replaced

  • Data memory

Able to store up to 99 data with year, month, date and time. Able to display maximum and minimum readings over stored data

  • PC connectivity

Comes with USB - PC connection kit with software