AirPro® Solutions

AirPro® Mobile software, the heart of any AirPro Instrument

AirPro® Mobile software, the heart of any AirPro Instrument


Product Details


AirPro® Solutions is comprised of wireless test instrumentation, the AirPro Mobile App, MY TSI online device manager and flexible service offerings.


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Wireless Test Instrumentation
The AirPro instrumentation family includes a rugged and compact micromanometer (AP800) and air velocity meter (AP500). Communicate wirelessly in real-time with the AirPro Mobile App, which can be set up to run on your preferred mobile handheld device. Models AP800 and AP500 feature integrated displays, power and save buttons, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In addition, both models provide internal storage for use in long- or short-term unattended data-logging applications, via SD card.
AirPro Mobile
AirPro Mobile, a TSI developed application software, is the heart of any AirPro Instrument. The app allows for real-time measurements to be displayed and logged on iOS or Android smart handheld devices. Unlike many other apps that only display measurements and have limited functionality, AirPro Mobile does it all:
  • Simultaneous measurement, calculation, and display of readings
  • Simplified instrument setup, configuration, and operation
  • Seamless multi-data reporting
  • User-friendly interface
  • Guided workflows
The AirPro Mobile software supports both Android or iOS smart devices and is available in three levels of performance – Basic, Advanced and Professional.



My TSI Online License Manager is a portal to the AirPro License Manager website, allowing you to manage your user accounts, instruments, and smart devices along with access to your latest calibration dates.
My TSI enables you to:
  • Manage AirPro Mobile feature sets and subscription levels
  • View registered instruments and probes
  • Manage smart device connections and user accounts
  • View factory-recommended recalibration dates
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