School Laboratory Furniture and Fumehood Systems

Constructing or renovating laboratories requires careful planning and technical sophistication. When equipping school laboratories with the necessary equipment for science experiments, extra care, and rigorous reviews of design and construction is required. To ensure that your lab is productive in years ahead, one of the key is to make sure that your laboratory is fitted with safe and high-quality furniture. Lee Hung is one of the leading school laboratory furniture suppliers, dedicated to facilitating the construction of a safe learning and teaching environment for students and teachers.

Equip School Science Laboratories with Quality Furniture

A well-equipped and furnished school laboratory enables students to have a safe and inclusive learning environment. Lab essentials such as benches and basic science equipment are thus a must-have. Some of these basic laboratory furniture include:

1. Fume Cupboards and Extractors

Finding the right fume cupboard and fume extraction equipment is an essential part of furnishing a safe lab. Some specifications and variants of our fume systems include:

  • Ducted fume cupboard
  • Ductless fume cupboard with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) or Carbon filters
  • Portable fume extractor that designed to protect the operator’s breathing zone from harmful fume and particulate generated during a variety of applications involving chemical fumes and dust

2. Industrial Downdraft Lab Benches and Tables

Choosing the appropriate industrial downdraft bench and table is important, as the right one will be able to protect the operator’s breathing zone from hazardous airborne contaminants effectively. Equipped with a powerful industrial air cleaner and high-quality HEPA filtration media, users will be protected from dust and fumes generated.

3. Other Equipment

Flammable cabinets and emergency showers and eyewash are also part of our offering. Designed to improve laboratory safety standards, the former provides a safe storage area for flammable or corrosive substances, while the latter is designed to give an immediate spray of water that will rid you of injurious materials and keep you from harm should accidents occur.

Your Trusted School Laboratory Furniture Supplier

Whether you are looking to create a single workstation or conduct a renovation of your entire laboratory facility, Lee Hung can support your project throughout every phase of furnishing your laboratory. Using a careful design process that considers both present and future needs, we ensure that your laboratory is productive in the years ahead. Enquire with us on your school lab equipment requirements.

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