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NUS FST Annual Industry Day

It was an honour and privilege to be invited to National University of Singapore (NUS) Food Science and Technology (FST) Annual Industry Day on 18th April 2019. The engaging and insightful event not only provide platforms for the FST student to display their Honours Project Posters, it also gave us  opportunities to exchange views and touch base with researchers from academia, industry and government agencies such as Enterprise Singapore (Food Manufacturing) and Health Promotion Board.

From 1st April onwards, National Centre for Food Science (NCFS) was strategically formed by Singapore Food Agency (SFA) from personnel across AVA, HSA and NEA with the mission to support food supply and safety functions of SFA. The NCFS will bring together key competencies in food diagnostics, and research and development in food safety to ensure that food continues to be safe for consumption and standards are benchmarked internationally.

As one of the event sponsors, we were given a poster presentation slot to share about how we can improve food qualities by assessing food textural properties and water activity (aw) as well as their role in adjusting product shelf life.

To top it off, in commemorating FST 20th anniversary, all the sponsorships gathered from the event will be taken as donation to help needy students. Kudos to the NUS FST organizing team for hosting such a meaningful and well-organized event.