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3 Chemistry Lab Equipment Trends in Singapore This Year

We are approaching the end of quarter one in 2021, and in case you haven’t notice, we are living in the peak of the digital age. Companies or industries that managed to avoid digitalising their businesses were probably forced to do so this year, thanks to Covid-19.  The Internet is the marker of the digital age, bringing knowledge and information to everyone and anyone on Earth who has internet connection. Technology has certainly advanced rapidly in the past decade, which is why it is important for businesses to keep up with technological advancements in order to stay relevant and avoid being obsolete.

So how has the world of science laboratory equipment kept up with the times in the recent year?

1. Laboratory Equipment with Cloud Technology

If you own an Apple iPhone, you would be familiar with the Cloud. Most individuals were exposed to the Cloud for the first time when Apple introduced cloud computing system for data storage for iPhones and named it iCloud. The Cloud can be incredibly powerful, it revolutionised the way organisations and individuals store data and access data simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Access can be granted from anywhere and everywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

The latest laboratory equipment nowadays also come equipped with Cloud technology capabilities for ease of data storage. One such product is the Aqualab 3, a state of the art water activity meter model which is SKALA (cloud-based software) compatible. The technological advancement in the laboratory industry makes data collection and analysis more streamlined and efficient, as all data measured by the Aqualab 3 can be accessed from SKALA, and can also be downloaded and analysed by users conveniently with the Cloud.

2. Smaller Laboratory Equipment

Remember the floppy disk? We used to store data in it and the data stored can only be retrieved with a floppy disk drive. Each floppy disk was about the size of CD, and could store up to 1.2 mb of data in 1971. In a mere 9 years, the flash memory card was invented - a smaller, more convenient alternative to a floppy disk. The flash memory card is about the size of a SIM card, but could hold up to 41gb of data. This is almost 4000 times of what the floppy disk could hold.

Similar to the evolution of modern-day data storage devices, laboratory equipment has also decreased in size over the years. With more sophisticatedly designed laboratory equipment, we can make smaller and more compact equipment for chemistry laboratories so we can help to free up more space in your laboratories.

Here at Lee Hung, our equipment also comes in different sizes to tailor to your needs. One such example would be the Microbiological Incubator for cell cultures, which comes in two sizes – The SHEL LAB Incubator SMI2 for 2cu.ft volume and the SHEL LAB Incubator SMI12 cu.ft.

3. Eco-friendly Equipment

In recent years, laboratories around the world have begun to be more aware of their part to play when it comes to the sustainability of our planet. Laboratories usually use disposable apparatus as most apparatus cannot be reused due to cross contamination or due to the possibility of affecting data. While we understand that it is virtually impossible for laboratories to go completely green, you can still do your part by using equipment that reduces the amount of plastic or material waste.

Simply pick the PRO Scientific homogenizer available on our website instead of traditional homogenizers as the former comes with stainless steel probes instead of the usual disposable probes, which makes reduces waste and makes it more environmentally-friendly.

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