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Texture Analyser NEW Connect Series

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All Stable Micro Systems Connect series Texture Analysers are capable of operation by the standard equipment Touchscreen Interface as well as by a desktop or laptop PC. In addition, they may also be operated from a mobile phone or tablet using the Browser Interface.


About the instruments – NEW Connect series

  • The TA.XTplusC Texture Analyser presents a small portable solution for your texture analysis testing, measuring up to 50kg in force, and is consequently the most popular choice for universal texture analysis.
  • The TA.XTplus100C retains the benefits of the TA.XTplusC, with the additional capability of utilising forces up to 100kg, along with an improved distance resolution, doubled to 0.0005mm.
  • the TA.HDplusC Texture Analyser offers a maximum force capacity of 750kg (7.5kN), and a family of intelligent, factory calibrated loadcells down to 0.5kg. It can perform precision testing to a few grams without compromising accuracy, whilst providing the required rigidity to accommodate measurements of considerably higher force for heavy duty applications.


Employ your texture analyser to:

  • Provide an objective quantifiable result which can be archibed and retrieved for future viewing
  • Assess raw materials or excipients, semi-finished goods, packaging and finished products
  • Determine the effects of formulation or processing variables on end product acceptability
  • Assess changes during storage or transportation
  • Compare with competitive products
  • Substantiate your product claims
  • Determine the physical properties of your 'gold standard' product for future consistent quality control



TA.XTplusC  TA.XTplus100C TA.HDplusC
Most popular Enhanced capacity High capacity
Single column texture analyser for universal application Single column texture analyser Versatile twin column texture analyser
Capacity 50kg.f (500N) Capacity 100kg.f (1kN) Capacity 750kg.f (7.5kN)
Speed range 0.01-40 mm/s Speed range 0.01-20 mm/s Speed range 0.01-20 mm/s
Max data rate 2000pps
Full test library
Fully programmable tests
Full data analysis
Portable -
Extended height version option -