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P5 – Semi-automatic tablet tester

The P-Series splits into 4 models, every tester model is testing different parameters. The P5 model is testing WEIGHT, THICKNESS, LENGTH, WIDTH and HARDNESS of tablets.

For quick and simple testing in a laboratory environment, the P-Series offers you the wide functionality on a small footprint. To perform a test, up to 20 tablets are placed in the slots on the starwheel, set up or choose the product recipe and click the start button. So easy!



  • Easy cleaning

The new LAB.line design also offers many practical advantages. It is very easy to clean due to generous radii, rounded edges and a smooth surface.

  • Integrated 360° LED status display

The clear and comprehensible LED display provides information about the equipment status at all times. The equipment­ status can be easily recognized from a distance.

  • Intuitive navigation

The intuitive touch display enables fast, easy operation. The results are shown immediately on the clearly laid out display, and can be printed out or shown as a PDF report.

  • Automatic tablet positioning

The tablets are precisely rotated by 90° and positioned by vibration for width, length and hardness measurement, using the vibrAlign system under the tablet hardness test station.

Optional available with the P4 model.

Dimensions 320 x 320 x 185
Weight < 15