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Dual Head Portable Microbiological Air Sampler

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Single body with two aspirating heads: two separate plates may be used for simultaneous sampling to differentiate micro-organisms (onto two different media) or onto the same media to calculate an average value and to obtain a more representative result

The DUO-SAS-360 features:
• The technical performances are the same as SAS Super 180
• The high flow rate of 360 litres per minute (180+180 litres) is ideal for low contamination environments, for example Clean Rooms where it is necessary to test a large volume of air
• Two different media types (e.g.: Total Bacterial Count and mould / yeast media) may be used for simultaneous samples
• Up to ten sequential sampling cycles for “in operation” monitoring according to USP recommendations
• High speed sampling: 1000 litres in less than 3 minutes (500 per head)
• Potentially up to 18 cubic meters of air / hour may be monitored
• It can be used either with 55 mm Contact plates (U.S., or European made) , 84 mm Maxi Contact plates or 90 mm Standard Petri dishes